So what’s the deal here

Pretty much everyone has some kind of virtual presence online these days, be it facebook, twitter, irc-galleria, forums, wikis, online gaming communities, chats or blogs. Nothing new there. Not anymore. So the question boils down to this: Why me, why now, whatsit about? Short answers: Why not, got nothing better to do, helps my English and writing skills, gives me a place to vent about stuff that interests me. As the header says, my main interests include but are not limited to role-playing and all sorts of fiction (both reading and writing). In addition to those topics I might occasionally write about other stuff too. Film, TV, music, life in general, comics, whatever catches my fancy.

I’m somewhat of an addict. Whenever I get hooked on anything new I end up spending boatloads of money on it, raving about it, following up on it on the web, etc. My latest addiction is the TV-series Supernatural. I’ve been watching the season 1-3 episodes on DVD pretty much non-stop for the past week. I even ended up ordering a few complementary books (dead wood versions) from amazon. If I had the money I’d spend it on a ’67 Chevy Impala. We’ll see how long this lasts. Before this it was Battlestar Galactica and before that is was the Star Wars expanded universe (comics, novels, movies, animated series, what have you). In addition to the fad addictions there are the usual, on-going ones. Mainly role-playing games and comic books. I usually spend around a hundred euros a month on games and comics. Still, cheaper than a heroin addiction I suppose.

Right. Got to go prepare for a scenario I’m running today. Pathfinder RPG, Darkmoon Vale, features a dragon. Peachy keen.


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