Role-playing marathon weekend, part 1

Four game sessions, three days, two cities.

Yesterday we played a session of my Pathfinder RPG home game titled Stories from Darkmoon Vale. The campaign only just started in January and we’ve already played 22 game sessions, which in my book is a lot of games. The campaign is in a sense a very traditional fantasy role-playing game: There are villains to outwit; orcs, kobolds and goblins to kill; and of course there is treasure to be looted. The campaign is built on the premise that scheduling a game session, running the actual adventure and handling the downtime bookkeeping should be as easy and hassle-free as possible. The structure resembles that of a TV-series with seasonal big plots and lots of one-off’s and smaller plots. So far I’m quite pleased at how the game has turned out. Everyone involved is having a blast with this sort-of-retro trip into Dungeons & Dragons -style fantasy adventuring.

More on this topic (and the rest of the marathon) later.


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