Role-playing marathon weekend, part 3

Yeah, yeah, I’m aware its already Tuesday. Still… I was in Tampere last weekend for Mother’s Day and decided to run a few game sessions of Pathfinder Society for the smaller “sister-branch” of our Finnish Pathfinder Society -scene. The Tampere group is a whole different animal than the Espoo-Helsinki-Vantaa -group. It rests on the shoulder of former Espoo native and Living Greyhawk -active NiTessine and consists of around half a dozen active players. The modules I ran were #15: The Asmodeus Mirage and #19: Skeleton Moon. Both of these modules are quite mediocre, meaning nothing much to write home about, so I did some fine-tuning of my own to make the scenarios more interesting. I changed a few of the encounters a bit, changed the motivations of a few NPC’s, and added more role-playing flavor. My impression is that the game session was well received, as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The main difference I noticed when comparing to the Helsinki groups was that the Tampere group was a whole lot more reactive and less role-playing oriented. The gaming experience was more akin to running a tactical board-game with a narrative. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Its just… different from the more character oriented play-style I’ve gotten used to with my home game group and my own background of running a lot of Storyteller and collective narration -style games, where character immersion is a strong element, and where all of the participants are not only allowed, but expected to carry their own in co-creating the game world.


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