My gaming history, part 2


So, come March 2004, no more World of Darkness. The Apocalypse/Gehenna/Ascension/Doomsday/Winter came, and the whole game world ceased to exist for a pico second, only to be replaced in August 2004 by the new kid on the block, the (new and improved) World of Darkness. Which is pretty much the same old World of Darkness. Except less cool, less crispy, less “amateurish”, less meta-plotty and a whole lot more… Vanilla flavored than the old one. I really wanted to like the new World of Darkness, I really did. I even ran a rather lengthy campaign set in it. I never really understood the argument going somewhat along these lines: Having a strong meta-plot is bad, because you need to know absolutely everything about the game world before you can run a succesful game set in that particular world. That’s absolute bollocks. You don’t need to know anything about the game world outside the material in the core book. Everything else is just candy coating. Oh, well. This topic is getting old, so I won’t dwell on it any longer. Suffice to say I ended up putting most of my New World of Darkness books up for sale, and started thinking about putting my rather extensive collection of original World of Darkness books to good use. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

New vistas

From October ’04 to December ’06 my role-playing calendar had only one campaign in it: Vampir: Miami, a sort of epic character-oriented draama set in 1980’s Miami. The campaign started out with “Lets try out this New World of Darkness”, and ended with me creating my own version of both the game world and the rules system. I won’t go into much detail about the storyline, as my amazing players did a much better job of telling their characters’ stories.

The ideas borne out of Vampir: Miami eventually developed into the role-playing game Rajapolku and the campaign Osasto E, a pulp-style story about the occult, the paranormal, and ancient cosmic horrors. Rajapolku was a great campaign and I really enjoyed running it. The campaign was eventually discontinued for reasons I won’t go into here. Oh, well.


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