My gaming history, part 4

Enter the Society

Paizo’s upcoming game Pathfinder RPG and the Adventure Paths had managed to capture my interest in the rest of their product line as well. One of the things they announced was a completely new organized play campaign, to fill the vacuum left behind my WotC:s widely succesful Living Greyhawk campaign. Paizo’s brainchild was named the Pathfinder Society. At the Ropecon of 2008 I met and got to know a few of the Living Greyhawk -veterans and we started chatting about the possibility of playing Pathfinder Society games in Finland. The result was the birth of the Finnish Pathfinder Society -scene, which has since prospered with a total of over 30 players in the gamer database, of which around half are active, a rotating pool of about half a dozen active GM’s and a total of 55 game sessions played. Paizo has so far published 20 scenarios, with another 8 coming out before the end of the season at GenCon ’09. This first season is a “Season 0”, that is, the demo-season. At GenCon the campaign switches over from 3.5 to Pathfinder RPG (which is also released at GenCon), and the campaign gets an official start with Season 1. I won’t elaborate on the Society at this moment, since I already posted a blog-post on it a few weeks ago.

More Pathfinder!

The Pathfinder Society player pool brought some fresh blood into my home game groups as well. We did a few short stints into Golarion (the Pathfinder RPG’s default setting) with the new group, before finding our paces with Darkmoon Vale, a campaign which has since run a total of 24 game sessions. We’re currently winding down the gaming season with a two-part season finale, which should wrap up a lot of the loose threads, that have been dangling around since the very first game sessions in January.

My latest game is yet another Pathfinder RPG campaign, this one run by NiTessine. This campaign is based on the Legacy of Fire, another one of Paizo’s Adventure Paths. So far we’ve only played one game session, but I’m already quite exited about the campaign, which holds a lot of promise.

As I write this we’re on the treshold of summer, which usually means gaming activity grinds almost to a full stop. I, for my part, intend to do my best to keep the gears turning, as I would much rather spend my summer doing something that I love and cherish than the usual things one is supposed to do during summer breaks. For the record, I bloody well hate summer cottages and mosquitoes… We’ll see what happens.


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