Where’s MY weekly game that lasts for five years?

Yeah, the topic says it all really.

Lately my playing has been sporadic at best. Game sessions are few and far between. I’m involved in what, three different role-playing groups at the moment, and I still haven’t been able to play more than once  or twice a month. The problem is mostly people-related. The group(s) of people with which I’ve role-played for the past few years have all developed what is usually called a Real Life, meaning no one seems to have enough time to play anymore. Me among them. Since I started working regularly (on three weekdays ’till seven pm and on both days of the weekend as well) I’ve had precious little free time for much of anything hobby-related. Then again, I work in a hobby-related field, so at least I can get my fixes from tabletop wargaming. I’ve got three different army projects in the works at the moment; a WH40K Ork army, WHFB Lizardmen, and Warmachine Khador. My painting speed and skill is coming back to what it was when I was more active in wargaming, and the various armies are shaping up quite nicely.

But it isn’t really the same thing, is it.


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