A friendly reminder

“The D&D game has neither losers nor winners, it has only gamers who relish excercising their imagination. The players and the DM share in creating adventures in fantastic lands where heroes abound and magic really works. In a sense, the D&D game has no rules, only rule suggestions. No rule is inviolate, particularly if a new or altered rule will encourage creativity and imagination. The important thing is to enjoy the adventure.” (Tom Moldvay, 3 December 1980)


2 responses to “A friendly reminder

  1. Care to give a context for this? Do you disapprove “challenge play”, where the point of excercising imagination is to face, choose and triumph challenges? Did someone in your gaming posse do something that called for this reminder?

    • Sami, nothing personal this time around. More a case of me, having followed up on a few threads discussing, or rather arguing heavy-duty rules issues (game balance, challenge ratings, etc.), and getting a bit fed up with those particular gaming issues. Finding that Moldway quote was a rather sobering reminder (to me, that is), of what I like and want out of role-playing, and what kind of role-playing I should be striving for.

      I have nothing against gamist style gaming per se, I actually enjoy it once in a while. Its just that I’d rather spend my time playing the game than arguing about the rules.

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