Penny Dreadful

So, Gabe over at Penny Arcade decided to give OD&D a try.

Sure, its nice to have more people try out OD&D. It just seems to me this guy has gone about it all wrong. Statements like this:

” all the twists and turns of old school gaming but minus the freedom and danger.”

… tell me he clearly has no idea what OD&D is about. By sanitizing the game, by making it safe, and by removing freedom, he has effectively gutted the soul of OD&D. Way to go, buddy. Now all you need to do is slap on a thousand pages of combat rules and feats, and you’ve effectively re-created D&D 4.

Also, this line makes me think he clearly considers OD&D to be an inferior game:

“Maybe seeing for just a night what it was like back then, will give them a greater appreciation of the game they’re playing now.”

Although, also judging from that comment, seems he doesn’t have that high an opinion of the game he’s playing at the moment, either.

Should I be insulted for being told I play a game that, essentially, sucks, since magical swords eaten by rust monsters stay eaten, levels lost to a wight’s draining touch stay lost, and low-level characters are killable by one sword stroke?

Nah, fuck it. To each their own.


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