Ropecon 2010

Ropecon, the annual Finnish role-playing convention is once again over and done with. As convention reports are rather tedious affairs, I won’t bother with a very detailed account. Many old friends were met, a lot of fat was chewed, and hard-earned money was spent on role-playing products, most of which likely won’t see much practical use any time in the foreseeable future, as it seems I’m stuck in a perpetual role-playing limbo.

The high point for me was running an eight hours long demo session of Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing. Not really a demo as such, as it didn’t really differ noticeably from one of my normal game sessions. The original plan was to run of Tower of the Stargazer, the introductory module included in the LotFP box set, but as it had already been run at least twice on the previous day, I instead opted for Matt Finch’s Tomb of the Iron God. I had a rotation of a total of maybe eight players participating, two of which stayed for the whole duration. The module itself is a fairly decent and well-written entry level dungeon adventure, with enough content for at least three or four normal game sessions. As it were, the adventurers only managed to explore about half of the first of three dungeon levels before fatigue set in and time started to run out.

One of the high points of the adventure was the doom that befell the first party to venture forth into the dungeon. Went something like this: A grey ooze dropped on the party’s Fighter, devouring him within seconds. The other party members (two Magic-users, a Specialist, and an NPC guide) panicked and legged it. One of the Magic-users and the guide managed to run in the right direction, but the other Magic-user and the Specialist made the mistake of running deeper into the dungeon. Reaching the lower level, their torch sputtered and died, after which they were surrounded by ghouls who proceeded to tear the poor adventurers into tasty, meaty morsels. Rather than get disheartened by this, one of the players got up, strolled over to the vendors’ room, bought himself a copy of LotFP, returned to the table, made himself a new character, and continued exploring. All in all, the game, and the rules system was very well received, and great fun was had by all.

To cap things off, here’s a list of the RPG-stuff I purchased at Ropecon. First the new stuff:

* The Cursed Chateau, by James Maliszewski
* Ice Tower of the Salka, by James Carl Boney
* The Secret of Smuggler’s Cove, by Chris Doyle
* The Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom, by Matthew Finch
* The Spire of Iron and Crystal, by Matthew Finch
* Tomb of the Iron God, by Matthew Finch

These ones were bought second-hand for the ridiculously low price of 25 euros total:

* Wonders of Lankhmar
* Prince of Lankhmar
* Slayers of Lankhmar
* Avengers in Lankhmar
* Lankhmar City of Adventure
* Five Shall Be One
* Isle of the Ape
* Nightmare Keep
* Sons of Azca
* The Mines of Bloodstone
* The Bloodstone Wars
* The Throne of Bloodstone
* The Bloodstone Lands


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