The Jarnheim Peninsula

I’m at best only half decent at drawing maps, so whenever I can, I’ll steal something instead. This one is courtesy of Google Maps, and I’m confident there are those among you who will recognize which part of the world I stole that particular peninsula from. Nevertheless, it will now become the starting point of my sandbox campaign world. I’ve re-christened it Jarnheim Peninsula. The largest land mass on that map is about 600 kilometers across, which is about half again the width of the widest part of Finland. This should leave me with plenty of land to play with when I start populating my world.

The peninsula was settled about half a millenium ago by men from the east. What they found, was a bountiful land of seemingly pristine wilderness. They were, however, not the first race to set foot on what came to be called Jarnheim. Ancient ruins dotted the rocky coastlines and hills, remnants of a civilization long gone. Of more recent concern to the newcomers, there were elves living in the deep pine and spruce forests, and they had been there for centuries. Needless to say, the elves did not take kindly to the newcomers. The insularity of elves, and the covetous nature of man soon led to conflict, and conflict led to war. The elves fought valiantly, but in the end, they were far too few to stem the seemingly endless tide of men arriving in sleek, dragon-prow’d ships. The elves grew fewer, and withdrew further inland with each passing year, until there was no more fighting to be done. Man held dominion over the lands of Jarnheim.

In time, fortified coastal settlements grew into villages, and then into towns. Settlements sprawled along rivers, valleys and fjords. Some even started to resemble actual cities, especially in those places where ancient ruins were used as a foundation and as building materials for new townhouses, towers, and forts. Eventually the flow of new settlers slowed somewhat. Trade routes had been established to the Old Country in the east, and to new colonies on the islands of the far west. The Jarnheim Peninsula itself, however, was far from tamed, which men discovered as they left behind the relative safety of the settled coast and ventured further inland…


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