Running role-playing games in-store

This is a follow up on a blog post I wrote a little over a week ago. The topic: Running a bi-weekly tabletop role-playing night in the game store I manage. Here’s how I’m going about it:

Game Night is going to be every other Monday from 4 pm to about 9 pm at Espoon Puolenkuun Pelit on the second floor of the Heikintori shopping centre in Tapiola, Espoo. The store’s normal opening hours are 12 pm to 6 pm, meaning the role-playing crew would start congregating two hours before closing. The rationale here is attracting interest from non- role-players visiting the store.

A particular Game Night’s poster goes up on the notice board at least 2-4 weeks before Game Night. The notice includes a description of the game being run, who’s running it, which game system is used, is the game a one-shot or part of a campaign, is it suitable for novices, minimum and maximum number of participants, space for registration, etc. Designing this poster would preferably be up to the individual game masters.

When the allocated time comes, the actual contents and running of the game session is up to the individual game master. Since the store IS a place of business, even after closing hours, a member of the staff is required to be present during the whole game session (and yes, I realize I’m stating the obvious here).

I’m quite anxious to get this thing rolling, so I’m aiming for a late August – early September start up. This is also a roll-call of sorts, so if you’re a game master who feels up to running games for (most likely) total strangers, or if your gaming group feels like playing in a (semi-)public place, and are accepting of new people joining the game, get in touch with me.

Lets get those polyhedrons rolling.


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