The Cursed Earth: Random Gear 1 – Weapons

“You’d better flush out your head, new guy. This isn’t about freedom; this is a slaughter. If I’m gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is “poontang”.” (Animal Mother; Full Metal Jacket

Buying equipment off a list is boring and takes too much time, so instead of standardized equipment lists, The Cursed Earth has something far more interesting: Tables for random junk! First up, the weapons.

Table #1: Weapons
Roll a d20 once. This is the best you’ve found so far.

1: Hatchet
2: Baseball bat (Or cricket bat if you prefer.)
3: Shank (You know, like a knife.)
4: Throwing knife
5: Throwing stars (d4 of them. What are you, a ninja?)
6: Motorcycle chain
7: Claw hammer
8: Pick axe
9: Sporting bow and d8 carbon fiber arrows
10: Tyre iron
11: Machete
12: Spear
13: Crossbow and d10 bolts
14: Hand crossbow and d10 bolts
15: Sling and d12 lead bullets
16: Cavalry saber
17: Katana (Where the fuck did you find this? A museum?)
18: Harpoon gun and d4 harpoons
19: Brass knuckles
20: A firearm! (You lucky bastard! Roll again on table #2)

Table #2: Firearms
Roll a d20 once if you got a 20 on Table #1.

1: .32 snub nose revolver and d5 rounds
2. .38 police special and d6 rounds
3. .44 magnum revolver with scope in walnut carrying case and d6 rounds
4. Colt 1911A1 automatic pistol and d8 rounds
5. .38 trench pistol (single-shot improvised firearm), no ammunition
6. Two 9mm automatics, one of them broken beyond repair, 2d12 rounds (Don’t you feel like Chow Yun-Fat now!)
7. Sawed-off double-barreled shotgun, d2 shells
8. Pump-action shotgun, no shells (You can still use it as a club, though.)
9. Winchester lever-action rifle, d6 rounds
10. M-14 semi-automatic rifle, clip with d12 rounds
11. Bolt-action deer rifle, d4 rounds
12. Scorpion sub-machine gun, d20 rounds
13. Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle, d20 rounds
14. Colt Peacemaker revolver, d6 rounds
15. Pink pineapple hand grenade (Yeah, not really a firearm.)
16. Single-shot sporting pistol in leather carrying case, d4 rounds
17. Working replica musket, black powder horn and d10 shot
18. Uzi 9mm SMG, d20 rounds
19. Suomi SMG, drum magazine with 2d10 rounds
20. M-60 belt fed machine gun with bipod, d100 rounds

Coming up next: scavvy gear!


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