The Cursed Earth: Making of a Mutie

I promised a regular reader to write some random terrain tables next, but that will have to wait as I’ve been a bit swamped lately, and haven’t had the time to mull things over quite enough yet. What I did have time for, however, was rolling up a character using the rules I’ve written so far. Without further ado, here’s Whitey Moe!

My eight 3d6 ability rolls are 9, 9, 12, 13, 9, 11, 9, and 15. This gives Moe the following abilities: Strength 0, Dexterity 0, Constitution 0, Intelligence 1, Wisdom 0, Charisma 0, Fighting 0, and Shooting 1. Whitey is both smarter and better at shooting than your standard run of the mill mutie. His Dodge, Fortitude, and Will are 11, and he has 8 Hit Points. He hits with a +1 in melee and with a +2 when using a ranged weapon.

Moving on to mutations, the two d4-1 rolls are 3 and 1. Rolling on the physical mutations table, he ends up with Dwarfism, Nightvision, and Albinism (a drawback). Whitey Moe is 2′ tall (giving him a +1 to hit human sized or larger targets in melee, +1 to Dodge, and -1 to melee damage), can see in complete darkness to a distance of 60′, and suffers a -2 to hit in daylight. His mental mutation is Acute Hyper Healing (he can concentrate his mental energies to heal faster). Hm.. quite an interesting set of mutations, which (strangely enough) kind of fit together. Whitey Moe’s knacks are Grease-Monkey (Int) and Sixth Sense (Wis).

Next up, equipment: Whitey is armed with a sling and 12 bullets. His other gear consists of riot armor, binoculars, a rifle scope, a bottle of lantern fuel, a full spray can, a shovel, 5 cable ties, a flak vest, a crowbar, and a tarpaulin. A sling isn’t much of a weapon, but at least I got lucky with some of the other gear. Once play starts, I’m sure I can barter that flak vest for something more useful. Also, I don’t really need that scope, since I have binoculars, but who knows, I might find a rifle later on.

There you have it, Whitey Moe, a albino dwarf, who can see in the dark, likes tinkering with engines and is probably a bit jumpy. I think I’ll trade for a pair of welder’s goggles or some shades, to protect those light-sensitive pink eyes. Some tools might be nice too. And maybe some food… So many things on my want-list. I guess I’ll have to pack up my stuff, gather a few like-minded muties and go on a scavvy hunt!


3 responses to “The Cursed Earth: Making of a Mutie

  1. Making a mutie is as awesome as random terrain (whatever it means). Using charts/etc. makes character creation interesting eventhough I’m not, as Pathfinder player, used to that kind of “accidental” character creation. But it is spirit of the game and so pure gold which sold this game to me alongside with mutations.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    • Inspiring stuff! I had to make a mutie of my own. Let’s see what became of John E.

      His abilities are Strength 2, Dexterity 0, Constitution -1, Intelligence 1, Wisdom -1, Charisma 0, Fighting -1, and Shooting 1. Rather average mutie with 7 hit points, Dodge 11, Fortitude 10, and Will 10. I guess he’s your normal sniper mutie that wants to keep the fighting far from himself.

      John E has only one mutation but it looks great for him. Shooting heat rays can never go wrong! And if Shooting is used for that he might actually hit something from time to time.

      Next came the knacks. Bloodhound is self-explanatory, but I don’t know what to make of Size Up – what does that mean? Sounds like something that might fit to my image of rather sneaky image of Mr. E.

      John’s weapon of choice is brass knuckles. He haven’t found a ranged weapon ever, but would immediately trade for one. His other gear consists of utility knife, lantern, lantern fuel, candles (5), nylon rope (50ft), painkiller meds (2), carbon fiber fishing rod, full set of silverware, messenger bag with undelivered mail marked confidential, and a Sony Walkman and Kenny Rogers tape, to boot.

      • John E certainly seems like an interesting and playable character.

        The names of some of the Knacks are purposefully vague. The idea is that the players get to interpret what they can do with them judging just from the name and the short description. My interpretation of Size Up is that it is something combining detecting weak spots, sensing motives, and intimidating.

        About the equipment list: As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a few “plot items” on the them. One of them is the messenger bag with undelivered mail marked confidential. That bag is filled with plot hooks, if you will.

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