More Weird Fantasy at Tapiolan Pelikauppa

Today was our second in-store role-playing game session, this one also refereed by Jim Raggi, and word of mouth had evidently gotten around, as we had three new people show up in addition to the two guys who were there last time. The module Jim ran was one of the three in No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides. Jim’s musings on the topic can be read here.

This time around we had enough players from the get-go, so the game got underway sans store employees. The characters rolled up were a fighter, a dwarf, a cleric, and two elves. After closing up shop, I joined them with my slightly villainous, and completely unscrupulous Magic-User from last session, Professor Tesla Moriarty of the University of Grallides.

What I found was an adventuring party who’d managed to go adventuring without any proper equipment at all. You know; lanterns, torches, rope, that sort of things. Not surprisingly, the game session left the party in shambles, with three dead, and the rest running for dear life. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, and I’m sure these guys will learn the ropes once they get some more experience with this type of gaming. I’m actually not that surprised at their lack of preparedness, as most modern role-playing games tend to treat equipment which isn’t in the category weapon, armor, or magic item as character decoration, with a game effect of slim to none.

Next session in two weeks!


2 responses to “More Weird Fantasy at Tapiolan Pelikauppa

  1. Raggi runs his game in English, right? Why don’t you yourself run another game in Finnish? More people might be interested if they could play in Finnish.

    • Yep, that he does.

      I’ve definitely considered it. I don’t have a regular game of my own at the moment, and the urges to start refereeing again are growing stronger by the day (as you might have deducted from the amount of campaign-related material in my recent blog posts).

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