Weird Fantasy at Tapiolan Pelikauppa, part 3

Today was our third session of Lamentations of the Flame Princess at Tapiolan Pelikauppa, refereed by Jim Raggi. We had six people show up to play, the most so far. The adventure started out quite inconspicuously with a rainy night at a backwoods inn full of spoon salesmen and Morris dancers. Things went from almost normal to weird quite fast after that, as the innkeeper turned out to be two identical innkeepers, the second innkeeper got his brain bashed out by the first innkeeper, and the Morris dancers’ and spoon salesmens’ horses doubled overnight. Deviltry was definitely afoot!

When the player characters returned with the village priest in tow, all that was left were dead men and butchered horses. The surviving innkeeper, and the extra horses were all missing. Following the trail north, we soon came upon murdered farmers, then a wrecked carriage, and finally, a duel. A troupe of questing knights had been set upon by unknown assailants, and now all that was left was the last of the knights, and his duplicate, both of who claimed to be the original. The elf cast Sleep, putting the knight down for the count, at which point the doppleganger hissed, and attacked the player characters. In the midst of the melee it assumed the form of PC specialist, after which one of the specialists was run through with a scimitar, and the other bound and gagged, just to be on the safe side.

Retreating to a nearby orphanage, a closer study of two of the corpses was conducted. My character performed autopsies, and after a night of cutting and measuring body parts, I had discovered a ruby-like gem inside the heart of one of the corpses. Meanwhile the party cleric had managed to find a method of routing out the rest of the doppelgangers, which didn’t require the cutting out of hearts. The last of the doppelgangers was masquerading as one of the orphans. With the assistance of the nuns of the orphanage, we captured the doppelganger in a casket, and proceeded to boil it to death. Problem solved. Well, almost, anyway, as there was still the matter of at least one more doppelganger loose in the village, probably in the guise of the inn’s serving wench. At about this time we had to call it a night.

In all, a rather entertaining little horror story reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. We plan on continuing play next Monday. Lets see how many of the players return for another go.


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