Tapiolan Pelikauppa RPG Night

“That man is no spoon salesman, but a lowly thief! I’d advice you fine gentlemen to keep a watchful eye on your purses.”

We’ve now played RPG’s at Tapiolan Pelikauppa bi-weekly for the past two months or so. Our game of choice has so far been Jim Raggi’s Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Attendance has been slowly on the rise, with first two people, then four, and a week ago on Monday, a total of six people showing up to play. I’m quite satisfied with the event, as it has managed to generate interest in traditional table-top role-playing amongst our customers.

It has also been useful in promoting the idea that role-playing isn’t something obscure, only suitable for social recluses. Sure, table-top role-playing is a marginal hobby if you compare it to miniatures wargaming, console gaming, or even board gaming, but it is by no means dead. People still play RPG’s, and getting involved with role-playing isn’t really that hard. All you need to do is show up, roll up a character, and start playing!

We’re playing again the day after tomorrow, and as no other game masters have volunteered their services, we’re continuing with Jim at the helm. Not that I’m complaining, as I think Jim is one of the most creative and imaginative game masters around, not to mention him being not just your average run of the mill game master, but also the Insane Mastermind behind LotFP: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing, which I consider the best old school game out there, bar none. Don’t get me wrong, I also love Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and OSRIC, but Jim’s game really stands out as the only simulacrum game with a definite (and very powerful) voice of its own. LotFP isn’t just a re-imagining of the Mentzer Basic version of D&D; Its heavy metal weird fantasy cranked to eleven!

As much as I love LotFP, I think its time to add something a bit different to the mix, so starting next week, I’m starting an in-store campaign of my own. It is going to be Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 2nd Edition, run in Finnish. I’m planning on running games bi-weekly, so from now on every other week will be LotFP, and every other will be WFRP. We’ll continue with this rotation (of course barring other store events, which might take precedence), until we come up with something different. So… if you’re into fantasy role-playing, live in, or in the the vicinity of Espoo in Finland, and have Monday evenings off, there will be a game for you to join, whether you’re fluent in English, or would rather game in Finnish.

“Feeling the assailment of a black panic, he tottered in darkness and sought to secure his footing on the dangerous incline. But, ere he could relume the blown-out torch, he saw that the night around him was not complete, but was tempered by a wan, golden glimmering from the depths below. Forgetting his alarm in a new wonder, he descended toward the mysterious light.” (from Xeethra by Clark Ashton Smith)


3 responses to “Tapiolan Pelikauppa RPG Night

  1. Nice to hear that RPG Nights have reached people and there’ve been more players every time. I share your opinion about it isn’t hard to get people on role-playing, our gaming group got new member and he’s been awesome addition. WFRP is good choise since Tapiolan Pelikauppa sells Warhammer stuff and almost every gamer knows something about Warhammer.

    • That’s actually precisely the reason for choosing WFRP. There is a certain synergy at work here, as I hope to draw some of the wargaming crowd into the world of role-playing, and vice versa. I’m also considering tie-ins. For instance, if there’s a mass battle in the role-playing game, we’d play it out using Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

  2. That sounds good plan. My new recruit is long time wargamer and he knew about WFRP but interested about Pathfinder when he watched us play PFS. I’m eager to hear how this works. Important work I might say.

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