The Red Corsairs are here!

“Following the events of the Badab War, the surviving Astral Claws broke through the Imperial blockade and fled to the Maelstrom, taking the broken body of their Chapter Master Lufgt Huron with them. Huron turned to the ruinous powers in order to survive and still leads the remnants against the Imperium, though they now call themselves the Red Corsairs.”
– The Lexicanum

The Red Corsairs, the followers of Huron Blackheart, are a force of Chaos Space Marines operating out of the Maelstrom. Followers of Chaos Unaligned, yet welcoming to Chaos Space Marine cultists venerating a single Ruinous Power, the Red Corsairs are a varied force, who’s combat doctrine concentrates on making the most out of the forces at ones disposal, fast armoured assault supported by Obliterator onslaught, and furious close-range combat with meltagun, bolter and chainsword. Other cultist support includes Plague Marines of Nurgle, and blood-frenzied Khornate Berzerkers. Whenever Huron himself is occupied elsewhere, it is his second-in-command, Sobek the Devourer, a cultist of Nurgle elevated to Daemon Prince status, who leads the Red Corsairs on their piratical raids.

Those in the know have most likely deciphered that the slightly prosaic description above is a reflection of one of the few (possibly even the only) viable competitive Chaos Space Marine army builds using the current, fourth edition codex. This post is also a slight deviation from the usual topics this blog covers. It’s about miniatures wargaming, more specifically Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40.000, a game I’ve played on and off for almost two decades, and recently gotten heavily re-involved in. This post (and possible follow-up posts on the same topic) is about the army I’m currently painting and gaming with, the Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines.

In this and future posts I will write about anything and everything relating to Chaos Space Marines, the progress I’m making with the army, me learning to play using those newfangled 5th edition rules, and reports on how I’ve been doing on the battlefields of the 41st century.

My army is currently at 1750 points. I have this army completely painted to a gaming standard, and I’m currently in the progress of building up to 2000 points. Without further ado, on to the meaty bits of wargaming geekdom, the army list.

Sobek the Devourer (Daemon Prince of Nurgle)
Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime

Murat’s Crew (10 Chaos Space Marines)
Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist, 2x Melta Gun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino, Dozer blade

Barbossa’s Crew (10 Chaos Space Marines)
Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist, 2x Melta Gun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino, Dozer blade

Angra’s Crew (9 Khorne Berzerkers)
Skull Champion w. Power Fist, Rhino, Dozer blade

Typhon’s Crew (5 Plague Marines)
2x Melta Gun, Rhino

Plagueis’ Crew (5 Plague Marines)
2x Melta Gun, Rhino

Heavy Support
Beasts of the Deep (2 Obliterators)

Beasts of the Deep (2 Obliterators)

Black Bess (Chaos Space Marine Vindicator)
Daemonic Possession


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