Red Corsairs vs. Liberators Battle Report

Day and night, for years and years, the forges of Geryon had churned out weapons and armor for the Red Corsairs’ eternal crusade of terror. The tyrant Daemon Prince had reigned supreme for a very long time. The lives and souls of every man, woman, and child on Geryon were his to crush with labour or destroy on a whim. Freedom was but a fever dream for those poor, cursed wretches. When an encrypted communique managed to worm its way through to the people of Geryon, the last, flickering flame of hope was fanned into a bonfire. The communique read thus: “People of Geryon! Steel your hearts, and stand fast! Arm yourselves, and rise up against your oppressors! Look to the skies, for we are coming. Soon you shall be Liberated!

The weak, reddish, light of two distant suns filtered through the dust-filled atmosphere of Geryon Prime. The spires of the forge world’s capital hub city jutted out of the barren landscape like the rusted bones of a dead giant. On the plains just west of the city, a lone rhino troop carrier made its way past alien rock formations. Sobek the Devourer, a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, captain of the Red Corsairs, and second in rank only to Huron Blackheart himself, cursed the insolence of the slaves of the False Emperor, who had dared make planetfall on this particular backwater planet. HIS planet. The Red Corsairs in the lone rhino had been sent on a reconnaissance mission. They didn’t know it yet, but they were the bait, that would draw the Liberators out of hiding. Soon Sobek heard the high-pitched whine of the stratosphere-burning attack craft’s jet engines, and the rumble of Adeptus troop carriers. They were here! Sobek spread his mighty wings, and gave the rest of his army the signal to advance.

This battle was fought between my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines and Frenzy’s Liberators chapter Space Marines (counts-as Blood Angels). The armies were 1750 pts. My army was similar to the one I posted earlier, although I switched some Berzerkers and Chaos Space Marines for a small horde of Plague Zombies (counts-as Lesser Daemons). I don’t have Frenzy’s list at hand, but it contained a Librarian, a Corpsman (Sanguinary Priest), two Dreadnoughts, a squad of Assault Terminators, a Storm Raven, two Predators, a squad of attack bikes, and several small squads of Tactical and Assault Marines in Razorbacks. The mission was Seize Ground using the Dawn of War deployment.


The Red Corsairs won the roll-off, and chose to deploy a rhino full of Chaos Space Marines, and the Sobek the Daemon Prince in the middle of the board, about a foot apart. This was done to deny the Liberators as much ground as possible. The Liberators deployed in the far left corner.

Turn 1

The Red Corsairs armor rolled onto the field, followed by the Obliterators. The Obliterators took aim across the field, but were unable to find anything to shoot at.

The Liberators’ Razorbacks and Predators rolled into view on the left side of the board, as far away as possible from the Daemon Prince and the Vindicator, making good use of the refused flank tactic. The Storm Raven zoomed down from the same corner towards the centre of the field, its pilot anxious to deliver its deadly payload of Assault Terminators and Dreadnought. Two units were kept in reserve. Lascannon rounds, missiles, and searing plasma streaked across the plain, but due to poor die rolls and the night fighting rules, nothing much came of it.

Turn 2

As long dead soldiers answered the summons of Grandfather Nurgle, and rose from the ground to advance on the invading Liberators, the Red Corsair battle-line made haste to counter for the enemy’s deployment tactic, swiveling sharply to the left. The two Obliterator squads opened fire on the Attack Bikes, managing to take down two. Rhinos rumbled forward, and the Red Corsairs inside opened fire on the Storm Raven, which came crashing down. The Plague Zombies, eyes burning with hatred, assaulted the attack bike squadron, tearing one of the riders limb from limb.

The Liberators’ reserves unit rolled onto the field from the far right. The Corpsman joined the Assault Terminator squad, and advanced on the Red Corsairs’ main force through ruined buildings. The Librarian and a unit of marines advanced on a squad of Red Corsairs. The Furioso Dreadnought stomped out of the Storm Raven’s wreckage, and opened fire on the Berzerkers’ Rhino, managing to pop it open with it’s meltagun. One of the Razorback’s managed to score a hit on the Chaos Vindicator, destroying it’s main weapon, and thus rendering it practically useless. Screaming vox-amplified battle cries, the Furioso crashed into the Berzerkers, tearing two of them in half for no damage in return.

Turn 3

The Plague Marines disembarked and opened fire on the fire support Dreadnought, melting it into slag. The Obliterators’ lascannon shot didn’t due much of anything to any of the Liberator Razorbacks due to heavy cover. The other Plague Marine squad joined their Red Corsair allies in the melee with the librarian-lead marine squad. The plague zombies continued mauling the bikers, managing to break the last one of them. Rushing after it, the lone attack bike rider had no choice but to stand fast. The Berzerker Skull Champion tore open the Furioso, rupturing its reactor core, and blowing it to pieces.

The Liberator Assault Terminators destroyed a a Red Corsairs Rhino, the Librarian and the squad had joined killed a few Plague Marines and broke the Red Corsairs in the same combat, forcing them to fall back.

Turn 4

The other squad of Plague Marines charge and destroy the Librarian’s squad, forcing the lone Librarian to take flight. The Daemon Prince and the Berzerkers attempt to charge the Assault Terminators, who fall back and regroup.

The Liberators’ Predator enters the field, and opens fire, managing to whittle down the last of the Daemon Prince’s wounds, and sending the Tyrant screaming into the Warp. The Assault Terminators charge the Berzerkers. A Razorback on the right flank fires on a small squad of Red Corsairs holding an objective, forcing them to flee. The last remaining Plague Zombie, still deadlocked against the last remaining Attack Biker prevents the Librarian from regrouping, and forcing him off the field.

Turn 5

The remaining squad of Plague Marines leap into their Rhino, and rush to take the objective on the far right. The Chaos Vindicator attempts to ram the Liberators’ Razorback, but is unsuccessful. The rest of the Berzerkers are sent to meet Khorne. The Obliterarots move in on the objective in the left corner of the field, and manage to destroy another razorback with lascannon fire. The Attack Bike, down to its last wound, finally manages to kill off the last zombie.

The rammed Razorback backs up, and puts the pedal to the metal, managing to reach an uncontested objective. The Liberator Space Marines crawl out the wrecked Razorback, and manage to take another objective, this one contested by a lone Obliterator. The Assault Terminators, joined by the Corpsman pour everything they’ve got into the contesting Obliterator, who takes it, remains standing, and retaliate by killing the Corpsman. The game ends on a very, very close fought draw with both sides holding one objective, and a third objective contested.

The Daemon Prince tyrant of Geryon had been sent back into the Immaterium, but the Red Corsairs forces holding the Forge Planet were still strongly entrenched, and it was only a matter of time until the Daemon Prince returned. The war for Geryon would go on…


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