Red Corsairs – some photos

I haven’t had the opportunity (nor a good enough camera) to take photos of my army yet, so these pics taken at a Planetstrike 2000+2000 versus 2000+2000 pts. tournament I attended today will have to suffice for now.

This is Sobek the Devourer, Daemon Prince of Nurgle. That grey stuff obscuring his feet is cotton wool; wifts of smoke where an Imperial Guard Chimera was torn apart by the monstrous creature’s mighty blows.

These two guys are half of my Chaos Space Marine Obliterators. I’m not a big fan of the current white-metal Oblits, so I made my own instead using Chaos Terminators, some Ork guns from my bitz box, and a whole lot of green stuff. I’m quite satisfied with these conversions.

Action footage from the tournament. That lone Obliterator watched his companion get incinerated by the Leman Russ. He then proceeded to tear the Russ some new orifices.

That’s one of my Red Corsairs squads popping a Chimera open to get to the squishy insides. Yes, I did try to break the Chimera open with meltaguns and bolt pistols in the shooting phase, but the dice don’t always roll the way they’re supposed to, so I had to finish the job the old fashioned way: with a Power Fist.

Here’s a close-up of one of the first models I painted for this army. I was still learning the ropes, and getting the paint schemes and techniques right at this point, and that kind of shows in the lack detail and general untidiness. I should go back to the start and give all of my troops a touch-up.

That’s some of my Plague Marines. This was at the end of my 6 week run, and the rush was really starting to show, as I did two whole squads of these guys in a few days. The basic color scheme is really easy, actually; some purposefully untidy drybrushing, and a few coats of washes.


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