Red Corsairs – Apocalypse

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in an WH40K Apocalypse battle. The battle was fought on two 12′ by 6′ tables. There were twelve players divided up into two sides (Imperials on one side, and traitors and alien scum on the other), each fielding somewhere in the region of 2500 to 3500 points for a total of around 10K per side per table, and for a grand total of… 40K. My Red Corsairs allied with another force of Chaos Space Marines, and a Dark Eldar kabal. Our opponent was an alliance of Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and Daemon Hunters. The game ran for around eight hours and seven game turns. Our side managed a hard fought, and narrow win. On the other table, the Imperial guard and the loyalist Astartes fared better, with an equally narrow win over an alliance consisting of Tau and rebellious (or perhaps misled) Space Wolves, and so the overall result of the Apocalypse battle was a tie.

As my army isn’t quite at 3000 points yet, I had to borrow some minis from another follower of the Ruinous Powers. My regular force was thus bolstered by Huron Blackheart himself, some Terminators, a Land Raider, and six extra Obliterators for a total of ten. To finish off, here’s some photos from the event, courtesy of Mika Vuorio.


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