The Sons of Northern Darkness!

Got some more pictures taken. Around a thousand points of Warriors of Chaos in about a week’s time. Not too shabby. Also, some work in progress shots of the next batch of Marauders. So, what do you think?


3 responses to “The Sons of Northern Darkness!

  1. Looking reaaaaaally good ^^ Eventhough Nurgle knights are maybe most used Chaos unit they look really good without goign too Nurgle. Using beastmen box to make marauders look different is really good choice. There is some unique feel in them and I wait to see finished models. Warriors look good but maybe bit plain but I wait to see these live sometimes to make better review. All in all, I like your Chaos army. 🙂

    • Thanks, guys! My aim these days is to create playable armies first and foremost, and concentrate on a high painting standard second. That is, better to paint AND get to play, than fiddle with details and never get an army ready for war.

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