Assembling the Storm Raven

We finally got our black box from GW on Friday, and as weekend was coming, me and a co-worker divided up the work and took the kits home with us. I got the Storm Raven, while the co-worker took home the Furioso Dreadnought.

Looking through the sprues, the kit brings to mind the Land Raider kit, so anyone with assembling experience with the LR should have no problems here. First thing I did was cut all the parts off the sprues and clean them up. I then glued the interiors (benches and control panels), and the headlights to the side panels. These can be done later, but it would probably be somewhat more fiddly.

Next, I glued the angled back panel sans the back hatch and the main floor panel to the two side panels, and put in the front ramp, which is supposed to open, so make sure you don’t get any glue on it. There is some slight plastic warping, so you might want to apply some pressure while the glue sets. Rubber bands are good for this. The back access ramp has these small hook things holding it in place, but in practice the thing is better just glued in place, as the fit isn’t snug enough for sensible articulation. That’s what I did anyway.

Before putting the roof on, plop in the front side thrusters. They are snap fitted, and are supposed to articulate slightly. The roof slides in quite smoothly, but once you glue it in place, you won’t get at the interiors very easily, so if you intend to paint those, get that done before fitting the roof.

Next up, the cockpit. This should be easy enough to assemble as long as you make sure you put the parts in in the right order e.g. legs, control panel, torso, arms, shoulder pads, head. There is also a back panel, which I actually forgot to put in at this stage, but luckily I managed to push it in between the pilot’s back and the back wall of the cockpit. Next, I glued the clear plastic window to the roof frame, doing my best not to get glue smudges on the window panes. I didn’t glue the roof on yet, as I intend to paint the pilot first.

Next up, the tail section. This one is only four pieces, so it shouldn’t cause anyone any problems. After this, the wings and thrusters. These may look daunting, but are actually quite simple, as long as you dry fit everything and use common sense. As with the front side thrusters, the thrusters at the wing tips are supposed to snap fit and articulate. The wing-mounted missiles go in at this point.

Returning to the front end, I opted for twin-linked multi-melta instead of heavy bolters (D’oh!). They are supposed to swivel slightly, but as the movement is only about a quarter of an inch, I just glued the thing in place. The landing gear went in next. At this point you can choose between extended or retracted landing gear. I went for the latter myself. The side doors are also glued in place at this time. You have the choice of fitting either the doors or the hurricane bolter side sponsons. If you like using magnets, you could construct some sort of frame inside the door for the magnet, so that you could alternate between just plain doors or sponsons.

Almost done now! I assembled the top turret, and glued the gunner servitor into place, but didn’t glue the window in place yet. A horizontal rod goes into place under the gunner’s seat, the ends of which come out on the sides. These are for mounting the guns. The top air intake was also assembled, but I didn’t glue it into place yet, as that would make it virtually impossible to put the turret in place.

There you have it: The Storm Raven pretty much assembled. The only parts not glued on at this point are the turret’s roof and guns, the cockpit roof, and the roof air intake. These won’t go on until after painting the cockpit and turret interiors. To finish things off, here’s some (rather poor quality) photos of the Storm Raven. Next up, painting this rather awesome tool of war.


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