Blood on the Snow

Yesterday the Sons of Northern Darkness marched to battle and were met by a co-worker’s Skaven army. Turned out we had time to play three games, so a little narrative was worked in. Here are the results:

Game 1: Battleline

On their journeys of conquest through the Chaos Wastes, The Sons of Northern Darkness had come upon a skittering horde of Skaven, who immediately opened fire with Warpfire magic, mortars and Plague Catapult. A handful of Chaos Marauders fell, their flesh melting off their bones. The whole Chaos army responded by marching forwards at full speed. The Infernal Gateway opened by the Chaos Sorcerer Abbath pulled half a dozen Clanrats into Hell, causing the unit to panic. More Marauders, Knights, and Warriors fell to the foul Skaven magic and the Clan Skryre war-engines, but nothing could stop the ferocious horde of northmen, as they crashed into the Skaven battlelines, crushing bodies, pulping heads, and tearing the rat-things limb from limb. It was all over for the Skaven, who broke and ran for the hills.

Summary: Skaven artillery and magic is strong. Anything that wounds without allowing a save is something a 1+ armour save 40 pts. model is wise to stay away from. My army seems to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing, that is, once all the units were in close combat, it was Good Night Gracie for the Skaven. Now I just need to figure out a way to get into melee faster…

Game 2: Blood and Glory

Abbath, emboldened by his success now made the critical mistake of joining his Chaos Warriors, as the whole army marched into what soon turned into a killing field. A direct hit from the Plague Catapult caused the Warriors to panic, and flee off the battlefield. Without their general, it took only the annihilation of the Chaos Knights to break the back of the Chaos army.

Summary: Playing a thousand point game meant my army had a breaking point of one. I have three units with banners, and a general e.g. a total fortitude of five. This meant that once my general and his unit had ran off the field on turn one (a leadership 8 roll with a re-roll!), all the Skaven had to do to win the game was direct all their magic and ranged attacks on my 5 strong unit of Chaos Knights. Not my favourite scenario…

Game 3: Dawn Attack

Having rallied his army during the night, Abbath was ready to face the Skaven on his own terms. As dawn broke, the thunder of hooves, the clang of swords on shields, and the bloodthirsty howls of berserkers signaled the Doom of the Skaven, who were too widely spaced to respond with sufficient alacrity. Tzeentchian fire tore into their ranks, axes clove skulls in twain, hell-bred destriers smashed bodies into a pulp, and the vile Skryre contraptions were torn apart with bloodied fingers. The Skaven were all slaughtered without mercy.

Summary: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women!

EDIT: Added some photos. Photoshopping courtesy of Dean Clayton.


2 responses to “Blood on the Snow

    • I agree. The Warhammer and 40K backstory and the world is the main reason I play these games, and narrative definitely has a place at the gaming table.

      Now if could only get Dean to post the pictures he took of the game…

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