The Jarnheim Campaign – Settlements

The largest settlement on the Jarnheim Peninsula, and perhaps the only one deserving to be called a city, is Gjallarborg. Located at the ford of the mighty river Elv, where the Sea Kings from the east first set foot and build their first longhouses. Here the sea-faring king Ivar, first convert to the new faith of the White God, and because of his faith banished from his ancestral lands built his new home. Using force of arms, guile, and trickery, Ivar wrested control of the fjords and low-lands from the previous occupants, the elves. The ensuing wars earned Ivar the nickname Elf-Slayer.

Ivar was a strong warrior, but a poor statesman, and his rule did not last for long (although his faith and the church that he established did). The sons of Ivar fell to squabbling over the succession of the throne, and thus the original clan was split, fully a third of them forced to leave Gjallarborg for lands unknown. What became of them, no one knows. The tales of the Sea Kings, now centuries past, are legend among the folk of Jarnheim.

What still remains is Gjallarborg, and the Sea-Throne, from where a succession of kings weak, and strong, warlike, and peaceful alike have ruled. These days the king is Erik Longfang, and true to his name, Erik is way past his prime. Known as the Old Man by his kinsmen and the common folk alike, he is much loved by most, but his time is coming to an end. Soon, whisper the doom-sayers. Not soon enough, whisper those with ambitions of rulership themselves.

Venturing outwards from Gjallarborg, there are villages, homesteads, and towns that dot the coastline east and west, growing smaller and wider apart the further one travels. The only other towns large enough to warrant mentioning are Hvergelmir, which is located about a week’s travel up the river Elv to the northwest from Gjallarborg; Utgard, which is three days north by boat, or two weeks by land; and Dimborg, which is about two weeks land travel to the west. All other settlements are smaller, and aren’t much worth mentioning.


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