The Witchfinders

It is the Year of Our Lord 1645. England has been at civil war for the past three years. The land is in turmoil. Scarcely a single village has managed to remain untouched by war, famine, disease, or death, as Royalist, and Parliamentarian troops are roaming the countryside, as are bands of vigilantes called Clubmen, deserters turned to highway robbery, and refugees rendered homeless by the flames of war.

And then there are the Witchfinders; magistrates, and clergymen devoted to the task of cleansing England of Witchcraft, Deviltry, and Demon-worship.

Some of them are exactly that; pious men true to their calling, who fight to keep the forces of Darkness at bay. Others… not much more than charlatans motivated by personal gain. Nevertheless, they are given free reign to roam the land, whereas most common folk are bound to their homesteads by happenstance or law.

Now the question remains: What kind of Witchfinders will you become?

The Withcfinders is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess English
language tabletop role-playing campaign, which aims to get started
sometime in April. I’m looking for 3-5 players available to play on
Sundays weekly or bi-weekly. The where is still undecided, but will be
either in Helsinki or Espoo.

Interested parties may apply.


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