The Red Corsairs Mk. II

I’ve recently been tinkering with my army list, trying to find something new and interesting to play with. I’ve also played some test games, and gotten some new models painted. In a previous post I bemoaned the fact, that most viable lists are variations of the same list. To a point this is still true, but I think I’ve managed to find a combination that at least manages to provide me with a slightly different gaming experience. And here it is: The Red Corsairs Mk. II, now with added BOOM!

Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines 1750 pts.

King Hell (Chaos Sorcerer)
Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

Voormas the Violator (Chaos Sorcerer)
Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

Barakka’s Blood Reavers (3 Chaos Terminators)
Reaper Autocannon & Chainfist, 2x Combi-Melta & Power Weapon

The Kraken (Chaos Land Raider)
Dozer Blade

Murat’s Crew (5 Chaos Space Marines)
Melta Gun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino

Barbossa’s Crew (5 Chaos Space Marines)
Melta Gun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino

Jagha’s Crew (10 Chaos Space Marines)
2x Melta Gun, Icon of Chaos Glory

Typhon’s Crew (5 Plague Marines)
2x Plasmagun, Rhino

Heavy Support
Black Bess (Chaos Vindicator)
Daemonic Possession

Scylla (Chaos Vindicator)
Daemonic Possession

Beasts of the Deep (3 Obliterators)

The Sorcerers go with the five man squads into the Rhinos. Now that Lash isn’t a shooting attack anymore, the Sorcerer can lash out of a Rhino that has moved full tilt and popped its smoke launchers, which should provide targets for all that heavy artillery. The Land Raider deploys empty, and the ten man squad goes in there. The Terminators can either deep strike or start on the field, hammering away at all those soft Rhino and Chimera hulls.

The main difference between this list and the previous one is that there is more firepower, but it is generally shorter range, so the Rhinos with the Sorcerers need move up fast, and start bunching together targets for the 24″ range Vindicators, who also need to get a move on fast. The Obliterators and the Land Raider can hang back, since their range is a lot better. The squad in the Land Raider is there for taking objectives, so don’t stay too far back for too long. The army as a whole isn’t fast, so objectives on the opponent’s side of the field must be kept in mind from turn one.

I’ve played two games with this army now, both Annihilations, and both decisive victories. Methinks I need to test my mettle against more capable generals next…


E Chuta!

This has been a really busy month. I haven’t had time to write about any of the things I was supposed to. So, instead of writing a proper post now, I’ll just settle for quick updates on various topics. Oh, and I do believe a skin change is in order. What do you think of this one?

Personal and professional

As some of you know, I’ve recently been promoted to Senior Store Manager in the gaming store chain. I’ve also moved from Tapiola to Katajanokka, and my place of work is now the Stadin Pelikauppa store in Kaisaniemi, instead of Tapiolan Pelikauppa in Tapiola. I’ve also taken on some new responsibilities in the chain, as in addition to managing the Stadi store, I’m also in charge of buying all of the miniatures, and boardgames related stock for the chain.


Wargaming is still going strong. My Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines army totals at about 3000 points at the moment, and I think I’ve reached somewhat of a water mark with that army, as I pretty much have all of the units I’m ever going to use with this army using the current codex. The converted Chaos Space Marine Chosen squad still isn’t quite finished, as I still need to do some details on the Rhino, and the squad members. The fiery red tiger stripe camo pattern on the marines looks dead on, though, so I should really get them finished, and have some pictures taken.

My Warriors of Chaos army is at about 2000 points, and progress with these guys has been really slow. I made the mistake of taking part in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament, and some bad experiences there made me pretty much lose interest in that particular game. It is quite unlikely I’ll ever dabble with the tournament side of WHFB ever again, as that game really REALLY doesn’t work very well in tournament play. As a beer and pretzels game it works just fine, however.

Role-Playing Games

I’m currently refereeing a Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing campaign, in which one of the players is Jim Raggi, the author of LotFP. The campaign is run in English, and after minor initial language difficulties, the campaign is now running quite smoothly. We’ve played three times so far, and I have the impression the players aren’t hating it, since they keep coming back for more.

I also ran a short Vampire: The Masquerade campaign a few months back, but that one didn’t last, since pretty much all of the players were very busy, and thus organizing regular game sessions was a real pain. I also found out, that if I’m going to run a regular game, it needs to be a weekly game, or I will lose my interest in it very quickly.

Star Wars

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars for as long as I can remember. My first contact with Star Wars was the original movie trilogy when it came out on VHS in the eighties, and the ensuing toy craze. I never had any of the original toys myself, as my parents thought they were too expensive. A childhood friend of mine had lots of them, though, including the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing Fighter, and an AT-ST Walker.

Later on I kinda lost touch with Star Wars, only occasionally re-watching the movies when they were shown on TV. Then the new trilogy came, and man was I disappointed. What it did manage to do, however, was bring me back the old movies. It also opened my eyes to the Expanded Universe, which in my case meant the Dark Horse Comics, and the Star Wars role-playing game. Comics have always been one of my loves, and the Dark Horse comics were exactly what I’d loved about that original trilogy, and had missed about the new trilogy, e.g. swashbuckling space opera, with engaging storylines, and interesting characters. I’ve since invested quite a bit in Star Wars -related comics, and have quite a collection of them.

My other connection to Star Wars is through work. Stadin Pelikauppa is really big on Star Wars, having the largest selection of Star Wars related merchandise, collectibles, and vintage toys in the whole of Northern Europe. The 501th Nordic Garrison trooping in our stores is what brought me into contact with the NG in the first place.

And so, finally, after years of being a Star Wars enthusiast, I’ve decided to take that extra step into fandom, and have decided to make a Star Wars costume of my own, hoping for eventual 501st approval with it. My project is Count Dooku. I’ve already purchased the first part of my costume; the cloak clasps and chain. The next step is getting the lightsaber, the boots (from an army surplus store), and the actual uniform, for which I have enlisted the aid of a friend, who designs, and makes clothes professionally. She did the costumes for Iron Sky, so Dooku’s costume is going to be a cinch for her.

There you have it, recent hobby-related activities handily summarized. More on various topics later on, when I have more time to spare.

The Chaos Space Marine conundrum

Since I last did a major update on my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines I’ve managed to play quite a few games, and try a lot of different army compositions and unit types. My game tally is about average. I win some games, but I tie far more, and lose about half of my games. I especially struggle against Imperial Guard (who I can’t match in firepower), and Space Wolves (who I can’t match in close combat prowess, nor sheer cost effectiveness across the board). I’ve tried including an even mix of interesting and effective army build choices in my lists, but the more games I lose, the more the lists tend to start leaning towards the more optimized builds. I’m not quite there yet, but I will eventually get to the point where the CSM army I’m fielding is a carbon copy of the so-called CSM standard tournament build.

Why is this? The short of it is the Codex is underpowered, the units are for the most part overpriced, and there really aren’t that many interesting choices in the Codex to begin with. The book is also four years old, and it is really starting to show its age, especially when compared to any of the codices released after the release of the fifth edition of the core rules. The picture above is only a half-truth in the sense, that of course evil is always cooler, but Chaos Space Marines are not even playing in the same ball park as regular Space Marines, Space Wolves or Blood Angels. Of course this is all old news to anyone who knows anything about the current state of competitive play. Even the infamous double lash prince -build, once much reviled, is now just a sad relic of a different edition and style of play.

Anyway, to get to the point, since stating the obvious and whining about getting the short end of the stick makes for poor blog content, lets have a look at what the CSM have going for them. This post is just the first in a short series, so bear with me. This time I’ll have a look at the Chaos Space Marine HQ choices.


Not counting the special characters (who for the most part are crap anyway), the budding CSM general has three types to choose from: The Chaos Space Marine Lord, The Chaos Sorcerer, and the Daemon Prince.

Out of these the Lord is arguably the worst, since he doesn’t really deliver much bang for buck. The argument could be made, that giving him wings gives him good mobility since wings, unlike a jump pack, can fit inside a Rhino. I suppose he’d be at his best when facing shooty enemy infantry in melee, but even for that he is just too expensive, and since he doesn’t have an invulnerable save, he won’t last very long. Oh, if you were thinking about taking Daemon Weapon, stop it. Immediately. Really, really not worth it at all. If you really have your heart set on a killy Chaos Space Marine Lord, however, take Khârn the Betrayer, and make sure you stay the fuck away from your own troops with him.

The Chaos Sorcerer is a slight step up, since he can use his psychic power (Lash of Submission is really the only one worth considering) from inside a Rhino. You could also experiment with a Sorcerer on a bike joining a unit of Chaos Space Marine Bikers, but this build isn’t really viable in point costs under 2000.

The one HQ choice that stands head and shoulders (literally) above the others is the Daemon Prince. He is decently killy in close combat if you equip him with Wings, Warptime, and Mark of Nurgle, but the more common build of Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, and Lash of Submission is a far more attractive choice. Despite the prevalence of amour in today’s competitive play, a Prince with Lash still gives you a very versatile tool for battlefield control. Wanna move those stuck-in orks off an objective? No problem. How about bunching up those pesky Nob Bikers for a salvo of Plasma from your Obliterators? Can do. Worried about that Lone Wolf about to trounce up your whole battle line? Give him a taste of the Lash, and it will take him that much longer to reach any place where he can do any damage. Obviously the Daemon Prince is a magnet for heavy weapons fire, but you need to remember that every lascannon shot aimed at the Daemon Prince is one less shot busting up your Rhinos. In fact, since the Daemon Prince is just that good, you’d better take two of them.

Next up, Elite choices.

Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Space Marines update

Time for a brief update.

The Sons of Northern Darkness, my Warriors of Chaos army is now up to a painted total of around 1400 points. I recently finished my second group of 30 Chaos Marauders. I still need 20 more for the army list I’m planning, but I think I’ll take a break from Marauders for a while, and make a Chaos War Shrine instead. I plan on using the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart as a basis for it, but will probably replace the zombies pulling it with either Warhounds or Chaos Knight horses.

The Red Corsairs, my Chaos Space Marines army is up to about 2400 points. The most recent additions are three more Plague Zombies, and a squad of Chosen Chaos Space Marines and their Rhino, converted from Space Marine Sniper Scouts, and an old Mk. I Rhino respectively. We played a staff mega-battle last week, with six players total with 2000 points each on the table. My side, consisting of my CSM, Teemu’s Space Wolves, and Ville’s Necrons, managed a narrow victory over the opponents: Mika’s Orks, Hese’s Orks, and Juho’s Deathwing. The game was a blast, and we’re already planning a sequel, with the same players and armies, except for Juho, who opted for Dark Eldar instead of Deathwing. Just for kicks, here’s some of the backstory we’ve managed:

The First Battle of Hagalund had been a victory for the combined forces of the Liberators, the Red Corsairs, and the undying army of the Deceiver. The massive Ork horde, and their very unlikely ally, the Deathwing Terminators, had suffered a crushing defeat.

The C’tan had been the mastermind who’s insidious whispers of genocidal Deathwing tyranny on one side, and hollow promises of vast wealth and loot on the other, was what had brought the Liberators and the Red Corsairs, sworn enemies, together. As usual, no one invited the Orks, but a world ripe for War, Plunder, and Mayhem is something no Ork can resist. And so they came… And there was War.

What became known as the First Battle of Hagalund soon escalated into a planet-wide conflict. Death Unending! Millions of Souls sent into the Warp, and into the waiting maw of the Star Gods! The Deceiver was indeed mightily pleased with the results of his sinister machinations…

The Liberators’ view

Although the Hagalund system is far from the Liberators’ common operational zone, The Captain couldn’t let the tyranny and terror of the Dark Angels’ selfish leadership go unanswered. Overlord intelligence also suggested that the 1st Company had been in possession of lethal vortex missiles, which are classed Alpha-level WMD’s in the Liberator codices. These in the hands of the barbaric greenskins also swarming the planet would surely end in sectorwide disaster. Pre-emptive action was needed.

So the mustered Task Force Knight Giant, led by Master Chief Ares, hero of the first Battle of Hagalund, was dispatched from the Liberators’ battle fortress. Their mission: Storm Hagalund and restore the hope of a free galaxy and bring down the hammer of justice on all.

“We’ve ran out of Justice, but here’s some MK4 Hellfire rounds for you instead!”

The Red Corsairs’ retort

‎”Tell me now Ares, have you not abandoned the worship of the False Emperor, as have we? Do you not travel the space-ways in search of fulfillment and purpose, as do we? Can you not see we are more alike than you care to admit? Come now. We have much to discuss. Let me liberate you of your regrettable misconceptions concerning Our Allies who dwell in the Immaterium. They have such sights to show you, if you’d only be willing to open your eyes.” -Nergal the Tempter

The Xenos are coming…

The Warp was filled with a roaring blaze as the remnants of the 1st Company’s Taskforce, along with wounded Grand Master Belial, returned to their Chapter’s Fortress Monastery empty-handed, but assured that no Fallen was on that accursed planet.

Meanwhile in the depths of Commoragh Kirarth Dawnblade, the Archon of the Obsidian Rose Kabal, smiled as he watched the planet through an arcane holographic device. In a few weeks the planet would be consumed by the flames of war. Millions would suffer, and the battlefields would be littered with bodies. Just the place for the Dark Eldar…

An errant thought crossed the Archon’s mind. His Kabal was strong, but they were greatly outnumbered by the Orks and the mon-keigh. The answer came to his mind almost immediately. Surely the Orks would be easy to manipulate. The Dark Eldar could easily outwit the brutish Greenskins.

Kirarth turned his head slightly as he heard one of his Trueborn approach him. It never hurt to check who approached, even though he was well-armed.

“My lord, the Kabalites are preparing for war. The Wych Cult of The Scarlet Lily is also joining us, as are many Hellions and Reavers. Even the divine Lelith Hesperax has expressed her interest in this campaign. When shall we make the cattle suffer in our hands?”

The Archon let a cold smile on his face as he shuddered with the pleasure of expectation. Just the thought of those souls ready to be harvested raised his heartbeat.

“Soon”, he whispered, “very soon”.

To cap things off, here’s some pictures from the first battle.

Red Corsairs – Apocalypse

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in an WH40K Apocalypse battle. The battle was fought on two 12′ by 6′ tables. There were twelve players divided up into two sides (Imperials on one side, and traitors and alien scum on the other), each fielding somewhere in the region of 2500 to 3500 points for a total of around 10K per side per table, and for a grand total of… 40K. My Red Corsairs allied with another force of Chaos Space Marines, and a Dark Eldar kabal. Our opponent was an alliance of Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and Daemon Hunters. The game ran for around eight hours and seven game turns. Our side managed a hard fought, and narrow win. On the other table, the Imperial guard and the loyalist Astartes fared better, with an equally narrow win over an alliance consisting of Tau and rebellious (or perhaps misled) Space Wolves, and so the overall result of the Apocalypse battle was a tie.

As my army isn’t quite at 3000 points yet, I had to borrow some minis from another follower of the Ruinous Powers. My regular force was thus bolstered by Huron Blackheart himself, some Terminators, a Land Raider, and six extra Obliterators for a total of ten. To finish off, here’s some photos from the event, courtesy of Mika Vuorio.

Red Corsairs – The Story So Far

Counting only the 1500 pts. or bigger one-on-one games, I’ve so far played a grand total of ten games of WH40K 5th Edition with my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines. As many (most, in fact) of the players I’ve faced are seasoned veteran generals, the learning curve has been steep indeed. I’ve racked up only one win, managed three ties, and lost six games. I’ve faced Orks three times, Space Wolves twice, and Space Marines, Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Eldar once each.

The games have been varied, for the most part interesting, and exiting, and I’ve always ended the games wanting more.

The list I’ve played with so far is the one I posted a couple of months back, or a variation of it. To recap, the list consists of a Daemon Prince of Nurgle with Warptime, two squads of CSM, two squads of Plague Marines, (and adding a fifth troop unit in the form of a Berzerker squad in larger point totals). All of the squads are in dedicated Rhinos. For heavy support there are four Obliterators, and a Vindicator. Slight variations I’ve tried are: adding Huron Blackheart, and a squad of Plague Zombies (counts-as Lesser Daemons) in a 2000 pts. Planetstrike two-on-two team battle (which my side lost by the extremely slim margin of two termagants failing their cover saves on the last turn of the game).

Looking back on the first ten games I’ve played, my biggest failings have been not packing enough punch to put the enemy force on the back foot, and not having enough variety and speed to react to fast-moving threats. The list I’ve used is very defensive. Sure, I have lots of scoring units, and a lot of Power Armor packed into troop transports, but the only thing on the list able to move more than 12″ and take down anything big and powerful is the Daemon Prince, and he’s just one model. So, for today’s game I packed something a bit different into my army transport:

Nergal the Tempter (Daemon Prince of Slaanesh)
Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

Barakka’s Blood Reavers (5 Chaos Terminators)
Terminator Champion w. Lightning Claws & Icon of Chaos Glory, Heavy Flamer & Chainfist, Combi-Melta & Power fist, Combi-Melta & Power Weapon, Combi-Melta & Power Weapon

Cain’s Cutthroats (5 Chosen Chaos Space Marines)
Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist, 4x Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino, Dozer Blade

Murat’s Crew (10 Chaos Space Marines)
Aspiring Champion w. Power Fist, 2x Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino

Typhon’s Crew (6 Plague Marines)
2x Melta Gun, Rhino

Plagueis’ Crew (5 Plague Marines)
2x Melta Gun, Rhino

Plague Zombies (7 Lesser Daemons)

Heavy Support
Beasts of the Deep (2 Obliterators)

Beasts of the Deep (2 Obliterators)

Black Bess (Chaos Space Marine Vindicator)
Daemonic Possession

Without further ado, here’s a short description of my eleventh game, The Battle of Tortuga, which was played on a chilly Thursday afternoon against one of my regular opponents Frenzy, who fielded Tyranids this time.

After the crushing defeat on Geryon against the Liberators Chapter Space Marines, the Red Corsairs had been forced to take refuge on the planet Tortuga, a haven for the scum and villainy of the spaceways. Little did they know, that the planet had been infested by a Genestealer cult, who’s clarion call had drawn a tentacle of Hive Fleet Nostromo into the planet’s vicinity. From thereon events unfolded fast and furious. The Tyranids had already made planetfall, and a pitched battle of annihilation commenced in the bombarded ruins of Tortuga’s capital hive.

I deployed first, and chose to put the Vindicator at the spearhead of the bulk of my force, while the two Plague Marine Rhinos were put on the right flank. The Terminators, the Chosen, and the Daemons were kept in reserve. The Tyranid army, which consisted of a Hive Tyrant, a Trygon Prime, a Mawlock, two Tervigons, two units of Hive Guard, two Zoanthropes, and two small(ish) units of ‘gaunts, deployed mostly center field, with the ‘stealers kept in reserve.

Turn 1
The Red Corsairs rolled forwards and opened fire with everything in their arsenal. The Obliterators opened fire with Plasma Cannons and Lascannons, killing a Zoanthrope and wiping out half a dozen Termagants. The Daemon Prince Nergal cast Lash of Submission, bunching a unit of ‘gaunts around a Tervigon, which was in turn targeted by the daemon-possessed Vindicator Black Bess. The last surviving ‘gaunt scuttled off towards safety.

The Tyranids advanced full tilt. A unit of Hive Guard managed to immobilize a Plague Rhino, and Black Bess lost its main gun to the flank salvo of another Hive Guard’s hyper-velocity bone shard missiles. One of the Tervigons spawned a horde of gaunts, but a double was rolled, so no more spawning for him during this game.

Turn 2
Barakka’s Blood Reavers teleported onto the field in a flurry of Warp energy, and targeted the Hive Tyrant with their combi-meltas and heavy flamer, managing to kill the Hive Tyrant’s lone bodyguard, and wound the Tyrant. The Obliterators wounded the now barren Tervigon, but missed the Hive Guard by about a mile.

One of the Plague Marine Rhino’s was wrecked, while the other was merely immobilized. The newly-spawned Hormagaunts charged through ruins, managing to reach both units of Obliterators. The Obliterators, however, held their own, loosing only one wound while killing four ‘gaunts in return. The Trygon Prime tore into the immobilized Rhino, causing it to explode. The Hive Tyrant turned its attentions to the new threat amidst the Tyranid forces, and tore into the Chaos Terminators with wanton glee, slaughtering all of them.

Turn 3
The neutered Vindicator attempted a retreat, but was immobilized by difficult terrain. Disturbed by the noise, a crew of long-dead miners rose from the ruins, brandishing pick-axes and spades, and advanced on the hormagaunts. The two Plague Marine squads, now sans transport, advanced on the Trygon Prime and opened fire with Meltaguns and Bolt pistols, wounding it twice. The Red Corsairs added their firepower to the effort, but to no avail, as the monstrous creature shrugged off the storm of Bolter fire as if it was hail. The Chosen outflanked onto the field from the right, and advanced on a lone termagant, the last survivor of the squad nearly wiped out by the Vindicator. The Plague Marines charged the Trygon Prime, and quickly realized just how badly they were outmatched, as the Trygon Prime proceeded to tear six of them into bloody, diseased pieces. The Plague Zombies charged the ‘gaunts locked in combat with the Obliterators. The ‘gaunts didn’t stand a chance. The Daemon Prince, now consumed with battle-lust, flew at the Hive Guard, and charged them. The Hive Guard barely managed to hold their own.

The Geneastealers outflanked onto the field right on the heels of the Chosen’s Rhino. The Rhino was immobilized by Hive Guard shooting, enabling the Genestealers to catch up, and tear into it’s thin back armor with their rending claws. The Trygon Prime slaughtered the rest of the Plague Marines with ease.

Turn 4
As the Red Corsairs foot-slogged full tilt on the severely wounded Tervigon, their transport made a beeline for the far left corner of the table. The two units of Obliterators, now clear of the ‘gaunts advanced on the Mawlock on the right flank, and the Hormagaunts on the left flank respectively. Searing hot plasma ripped chitin-covered chunks out of the Mawloc, while flaming promethium consumed half a dozen ‘gaunts. The fight between Nergal the Daemon Prince, and the Hive Guard dragged on, with no wounds caused on either side. The dead miners made for the Zoanthrope, but the aliens psionic force field held fast. The fight between the two Obliterators and the Mawlock was a near-even match. One of the Obliterators was skewered by the gigantic creature’s lashing tail, but the other’s daemonic aura held, allowing him to bash through the Mawlocs skull-shield, turning its primitive brain into pulp. The Chosen, now without a Rhino, advanced on the Geneastelers, opened fire, and rushed into furious close combat.

The Hive Tyrant sized up her opposite number: the Daemon Prince, and advanced, her razor sharp talons still wet with Terminator blood. The Chosen sold their lives dearly, but where eventually taken down by the Genestealers. The Red Corsairs Marine squad were beset from three sides by monstrous creatures, as two Tervigons, and the Trygon Prime all advanced on them. None survived. The Tyrant tore into the Daemon Prince, sending it back to the Warp.

Turn 5
As there was little left of the Red Corsairs’ army, the last turn of the game was decidedly short. A lone Rhino was still attempting to make for cover, but got immobilized by the Hive Guard. The last remaining Obliterator blew one of the Tervigons into pieces. He was in turn killed by the Zoanthrope’s psychic blast.

Game over, man. Game over.

What a great game that had been! Full of movie movements, and furious, bloody, brutal action. A veritable massacre. I had lost the game, sure, but had still enjoyed every moment of it. The army list experiment had also been a success, as the new list was a vast improvement over the old one in terms if sheer playing fun and flexibility. Three units in reserve, two of them deep striking, and one of them outflanking, allowed me to put pressure way further afield than before, and the Daemon Prince’s Lash put a new weapon in my arsenal in the form of battlefield control. Now I just need to finish those Terminators with some highlights, and get proper Chosen models underway to replace the proxies I’d used.

The air reeked of burnt hair, feces, and ozone. The Daemon Prince Nergal, fumes of Warp energy trailing his towering form, only just recently returned to corporeality, was not happy at all. A gaunt-faced man, dressed in blood red livery trimmed in black, approached, and spoke: “Lord Nergal… Tortuga is a shithole. Always was. We’re better off without it. Let the cursed bugs have it. There are Other planets out there, ripe for the picking. Oh, yes there…” The monologue was cut short as the Daemon tore the sycophant’s head from his shoulders.

Red Corsairs – more photos!

Christmas has been absolutely crazy, so I haven’t had time to work on anything new. Then again, that is to be expected when working in a gaming store. Come next year I’ll hopefully have more time to paint minis, game with them, and maybe even do some role-playing. I had a co-worker take some more photos of the Red Corsairs. Now, if I could only figure out how to work this gallery thing…

Red Corsairs – some photos

I haven’t had the opportunity (nor a good enough camera) to take photos of my army yet, so these pics taken at a Planetstrike 2000+2000 versus 2000+2000 pts. tournament I attended today will have to suffice for now.

This is Sobek the Devourer, Daemon Prince of Nurgle. That grey stuff obscuring his feet is cotton wool; wifts of smoke where an Imperial Guard Chimera was torn apart by the monstrous creature’s mighty blows.

These two guys are half of my Chaos Space Marine Obliterators. I’m not a big fan of the current white-metal Oblits, so I made my own instead using Chaos Terminators, some Ork guns from my bitz box, and a whole lot of green stuff. I’m quite satisfied with these conversions.

Action footage from the tournament. That lone Obliterator watched his companion get incinerated by the Leman Russ. He then proceeded to tear the Russ some new orifices.

That’s one of my Red Corsairs squads popping a Chimera open to get to the squishy insides. Yes, I did try to break the Chimera open with meltaguns and bolt pistols in the shooting phase, but the dice don’t always roll the way they’re supposed to, so I had to finish the job the old fashioned way: with a Power Fist.

Here’s a close-up of one of the first models I painted for this army. I was still learning the ropes, and getting the paint schemes and techniques right at this point, and that kind of shows in the lack detail and general untidiness. I should go back to the start and give all of my troops a touch-up.

That’s some of my Plague Marines. This was at the end of my 6 week run, and the rush was really starting to show, as I did two whole squads of these guys in a few days. The basic color scheme is really easy, actually; some purposefully untidy drybrushing, and a few coats of washes.

Red Corsairs vs. Liberators Battle Report

Day and night, for years and years, the forges of Geryon had churned out weapons and armor for the Red Corsairs’ eternal crusade of terror. The tyrant Daemon Prince had reigned supreme for a very long time. The lives and souls of every man, woman, and child on Geryon were his to crush with labour or destroy on a whim. Freedom was but a fever dream for those poor, cursed wretches. When an encrypted communique managed to worm its way through to the people of Geryon, the last, flickering flame of hope was fanned into a bonfire. The communique read thus: “People of Geryon! Steel your hearts, and stand fast! Arm yourselves, and rise up against your oppressors! Look to the skies, for we are coming. Soon you shall be Liberated!

The weak, reddish, light of two distant suns filtered through the dust-filled atmosphere of Geryon Prime. The spires of the forge world’s capital hub city jutted out of the barren landscape like the rusted bones of a dead giant. On the plains just west of the city, a lone rhino troop carrier made its way past alien rock formations. Sobek the Devourer, a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, captain of the Red Corsairs, and second in rank only to Huron Blackheart himself, cursed the insolence of the slaves of the False Emperor, who had dared make planetfall on this particular backwater planet. HIS planet. The Red Corsairs in the lone rhino had been sent on a reconnaissance mission. They didn’t know it yet, but they were the bait, that would draw the Liberators out of hiding. Soon Sobek heard the high-pitched whine of the stratosphere-burning attack craft’s jet engines, and the rumble of Adeptus troop carriers. They were here! Sobek spread his mighty wings, and gave the rest of his army the signal to advance.

This battle was fought between my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines and Frenzy’s Liberators chapter Space Marines (counts-as Blood Angels). The armies were 1750 pts. My army was similar to the one I posted earlier, although I switched some Berzerkers and Chaos Space Marines for a small horde of Plague Zombies (counts-as Lesser Daemons). I don’t have Frenzy’s list at hand, but it contained a Librarian, a Corpsman (Sanguinary Priest), two Dreadnoughts, a squad of Assault Terminators, a Storm Raven, two Predators, a squad of attack bikes, and several small squads of Tactical and Assault Marines in Razorbacks. The mission was Seize Ground using the Dawn of War deployment.


The Red Corsairs won the roll-off, and chose to deploy a rhino full of Chaos Space Marines, and the Sobek the Daemon Prince in the middle of the board, about a foot apart. This was done to deny the Liberators as much ground as possible. The Liberators deployed in the far left corner.

Turn 1

The Red Corsairs armor rolled onto the field, followed by the Obliterators. The Obliterators took aim across the field, but were unable to find anything to shoot at.

The Liberators’ Razorbacks and Predators rolled into view on the left side of the board, as far away as possible from the Daemon Prince and the Vindicator, making good use of the refused flank tactic. The Storm Raven zoomed down from the same corner towards the centre of the field, its pilot anxious to deliver its deadly payload of Assault Terminators and Dreadnought. Two units were kept in reserve. Lascannon rounds, missiles, and searing plasma streaked across the plain, but due to poor die rolls and the night fighting rules, nothing much came of it.

Turn 2

As long dead soldiers answered the summons of Grandfather Nurgle, and rose from the ground to advance on the invading Liberators, the Red Corsair battle-line made haste to counter for the enemy’s deployment tactic, swiveling sharply to the left. The two Obliterator squads opened fire on the Attack Bikes, managing to take down two. Rhinos rumbled forward, and the Red Corsairs inside opened fire on the Storm Raven, which came crashing down. The Plague Zombies, eyes burning with hatred, assaulted the attack bike squadron, tearing one of the riders limb from limb.

The Liberators’ reserves unit rolled onto the field from the far right. The Corpsman joined the Assault Terminator squad, and advanced on the Red Corsairs’ main force through ruined buildings. The Librarian and a unit of marines advanced on a squad of Red Corsairs. The Furioso Dreadnought stomped out of the Storm Raven’s wreckage, and opened fire on the Berzerkers’ Rhino, managing to pop it open with it’s meltagun. One of the Razorback’s managed to score a hit on the Chaos Vindicator, destroying it’s main weapon, and thus rendering it practically useless. Screaming vox-amplified battle cries, the Furioso crashed into the Berzerkers, tearing two of them in half for no damage in return.

Turn 3

The Plague Marines disembarked and opened fire on the fire support Dreadnought, melting it into slag. The Obliterators’ lascannon shot didn’t due much of anything to any of the Liberator Razorbacks due to heavy cover. The other Plague Marine squad joined their Red Corsair allies in the melee with the librarian-lead marine squad. The plague zombies continued mauling the bikers, managing to break the last one of them. Rushing after it, the lone attack bike rider had no choice but to stand fast. The Berzerker Skull Champion tore open the Furioso, rupturing its reactor core, and blowing it to pieces.

The Liberator Assault Terminators destroyed a a Red Corsairs Rhino, the Librarian and the squad had joined killed a few Plague Marines and broke the Red Corsairs in the same combat, forcing them to fall back.

Turn 4

The other squad of Plague Marines charge and destroy the Librarian’s squad, forcing the lone Librarian to take flight. The Daemon Prince and the Berzerkers attempt to charge the Assault Terminators, who fall back and regroup.

The Liberators’ Predator enters the field, and opens fire, managing to whittle down the last of the Daemon Prince’s wounds, and sending the Tyrant screaming into the Warp. The Assault Terminators charge the Berzerkers. A Razorback on the right flank fires on a small squad of Red Corsairs holding an objective, forcing them to flee. The last remaining Plague Zombie, still deadlocked against the last remaining Attack Biker prevents the Librarian from regrouping, and forcing him off the field.

Turn 5

The remaining squad of Plague Marines leap into their Rhino, and rush to take the objective on the far right. The Chaos Vindicator attempts to ram the Liberators’ Razorback, but is unsuccessful. The rest of the Berzerkers are sent to meet Khorne. The Obliterarots move in on the objective in the left corner of the field, and manage to destroy another razorback with lascannon fire. The Attack Bike, down to its last wound, finally manages to kill off the last zombie.

The rammed Razorback backs up, and puts the pedal to the metal, managing to reach an uncontested objective. The Liberator Space Marines crawl out the wrecked Razorback, and manage to take another objective, this one contested by a lone Obliterator. The Assault Terminators, joined by the Corpsman pour everything they’ve got into the contesting Obliterator, who takes it, remains standing, and retaliate by killing the Corpsman. The game ends on a very, very close fought draw with both sides holding one objective, and a third objective contested.

The Daemon Prince tyrant of Geryon had been sent back into the Immaterium, but the Red Corsairs forces holding the Forge Planet were still strongly entrenched, and it was only a matter of time until the Daemon Prince returned. The war for Geryon would go on…

Red Corsairs – Genesis

Less than three months ago I didn’t have a single painted Red Corsair miniature. In fact, the whole of my 40K-collection consisted of a a small, half-heartedly half-painted Ork force, and some odds and ends from a few other armies. And I was getting nowhere with those Orks. The task of painting some 80+ green-skins, plus transports, tanks and warbikes just seemed too daunting.

Enter Nopat ja Taktiikat and their 40K for Old Fogies (minimun age 30 to attend) tournament. Suddenly I had valid reason to get involved with tournament style gaming again. The only problem was I didn’t actually have an army to play with. Casting about for a while looking for something that would captivate my imagination, and I’d be able to paint in the six weeks I had before the tournament, I eventually went back to my first love: Chaos Space Marines.

My first ever WH40K army had been Chaos Space Marines, and I had some fond memories of playing my Emperor’s Children during the glorious days of WH40K 3rd edition, when power armored rhino rush was the way to go, and the CSM were real contenders, with a spanking new codex full of all sorts of goodies. These days, the followers of the Ruinous Powers have to settle for an outdated codex, that wasn’t that hot even when it came out. All of the interesting choices are gone, most of the units got nerfed, the choice of daemons got trimmed down to just two entries.

With all of the major types of Space Marines sporting way newer codices full of cool, top-notch stuff, Chaos was simply out of the running, or rather, the army selection was so trimmed down, that anyone with half a brain would just ditch about half of the entries, and double up on what was left. Thus, the “tournament standard” CSM lists all look pretty much alike: Two Daemon Princes with the Lash of Submission power (occasionally one of the princes might get swapped for a Chaos Sorcerer with the Lash, just for variety), as many Obliterators as possible (6 or 9, depending on tournament specific restrictions), and the rest of the points spent on Plague Marine squads with Meltaguns and Rhinos. This list is rather straightforward, and works reasonably well, but when you’ve seen it umpteen times, it kinda gets old.

Anyway, back on topic. I had six weeks to paint a 1750 point army, and zero practical experience with the 5th edition rules. With some (well, plenty) of advice from a veteran wargamer friend of mine, I was able to put together a working army list, and got painting. I almost made it, too. A co-worker helped out with the Berzerker squad, and I had to borrow three rhinos from the above-mentioned friend, but at least it was all Chaos, and all painted and ready for battle, just in time for the tournament!

The tournament commenced with a match-up against a veteran Ork player (who eventually won the whole tournament). The results were rather expected, as my Red Corsairs got soundly trashed in their first ever outing. Next up, an Annihilation mission with Spearhead deployment facing a vanilla Space Marine army without a single tank or troop transport, which meant my army had about double my opponent’s kill points. To make matters worse, the middle of the gaming board consisted of a killing field, conveniently overlooked by the two-story bunkers in my opponent’s deployment zone. Still, I did manage to turn a massacre into just a narrow defeat, so not too shabby. The third, and last game of the tournament was against another Ork player. My Daemon Prince was on a roll, killing mega-nobs, and demolishing trukks left and right, and the berzerkers didn’t do too badly either, at one time managing to massacre an ork mob in a single furious charge.

One victory, one narrow defeat, and one total defeat. Not so bad for a first timer, eh? And I did manage to rack up plenty of gaming experience. Next time around, the Red Corsairs wouldn’t be so easily dealt with. Mark my words, by the Ruinous Powers! Yarr!

Next up: Some more practice games, the rest of the rhinos painted, a new unit, and gearing up for a 2000+2000 pts. Planetstrike team battle tournament.